Bharatham.R.Mahalingam @ Melattur Mali is the torch bearer of the tradition of Bhagavata Mela. Hailing from a well known family in Melattur, Mali has taken up as a vow to continue the tradition of Bhagavata Mela for future generations. He has been a part of Bhagavata Mela since 1960s and has donned the lead feminine roles from 1964 to 1989. Since then he has been donning hero roles in the dramas. He was trained in the art from by Padmashri Balu Bhagavathar and learnt dance from Kalaimamani Bavu Pillai. He is currently the Director of MBNVS and has played a pivotal role in the achievements of the Sangam. Without doubt, he is the soul of the Sangam.

Bharatham.S.Gopalakrishanan @ Gopu is a landlord from Melattur. He had been a pillar of support to Mali and is serving as the Secretary of the Sangam for more than three decades. He specializes in the roles of comedians and villans and has the uncanny knack of making the spectators watch in awe with his body language and acting. His son Dr.Ashok was also a part of Bhagavata Mela tradition until he left India to pursue his medical career abroad. Bharatham.R.Subramanian @ Suppuni is the first person without any link to Melattur to have been the part of Bhagavata Mela. He hails from a family of Hoteliers in Thanjavur and was a Central Government servant having worked as a Gazzeted officer with the Dept of Customs and Central Excise. Having learnt dance from Kalaimamani B.Herambanathan, Subramanian backed up Mali in the female roles for decades. He has also intuited his sons into the tradition. He is currently serving as the Secretary of the Sangam and is also a reputed Dance teacher in Thanjavur.

Bharatham.P.Ramaswamy @ Kannan is a pious and orthodox Brahmin from Melattur. He had been donning the role of Lord Narasimha since the Sangam began its journey and goes into the trance as soon as he wears that mask. His dialogue delivery is crystal clear and his actions speak louder than his words. Being the oldest member, Kannan is the President of the Sangam for more than three decades. He is a retired Taluk Librarian.

Bharatham.K.Arunachalam is another Telugu Brahmin from Melattur. He is a gentle hardworking person who doubles up as the incharge of the spiritual activities of the Sangam and dons every character role possible in the plays. He is joint Secretary of the Sangam and is a retired Elementary School Head Master in Periyampatti Village, Krishnagiri District.

Bharatham.S.Nagarajan @ Nagaraj is the leading actor of Bhagavata Mela right now. A nephew of Mali, Nagaraj learnt dance for Bhagavata Mela and took over the heroine roles from his uncle in 1989. He is adept in the nritya aspect and steadfast in abhinayas. He learnt bharathanatyam from Kalaimamani B.Heramabanathan and currently takes up the lead female roles and male roles in the plays. He is serving as Chief Manager in Canara Bank in his day job.

Bharatham.S.Gopi @ Gobi is a native of Melattur who was intuited into the tradition 25 years back. Gobi too learnt from Kalaimamani B.Heramabanathan and was initially donning female roles. Later he graduated himself into the Hero roles. He is a born actor and is also a part of Kaishika Puranam drama at Thirukurungudi, Thirunelveli district. He is a recipient of "Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar" award from Central Sangeet Natak Academy and is the first person to receive the award for Bhagavata Mela. He serves in Clerical position at SASTRA University, Thanjavur.

Bharatham.M.Swaminathan @ Vinod is the son of Mali and comes from a family of artists who had been carrying forward the tradition for years. Vinod after donning child roles in Bhagavata Mela plays in his initial days now portrays hero and character roles in the dramas and has an ability to perform any role in any play, extempore. He is also the student of Kalaimani B.Herambanathan and works as Branch Manager, Adithya Birla Money Limited, Trichy.

Dr.Arvind Subramanian is the elder son of Sri.R.Subramanian and has been a part of Bhagavata Mela since 1989. After donning child roles in the dramas, he is now donning the major villan and king roles and specializes in the dialogue delivery and characterization. Arvind learnt dance first from his father R.Subramanian and is now learning the nuances of the art form from Yuva Kala Bharathi.R.Vijay Madhavan at Chennai. Based in Chennai, Dr.Arvind doubles up as the public relation personnel for the Sangam at Chennai. He is a Registered Dental Surgeon, practicing dentistry in Chennai and is currently pursuing his M.D.S degree at MAHER university, Chennai.

Sri.Anand Subramanian is the youngest son of R.Subramanian and is a naturally gifted dancer. Blessed with a charming face and prodigial talent, Anand after donning the lead child roles, has now taken up the lead female roles. His depth of abhinaya and ability to live in the role captures the audience spell bound. He had learnt from his father and then from Kalaimani B.Herambanathan. An Engineer based in TCS, Chennai Anand is also equipped with a Bachelor degree in Fine arts - Bharathanatyam from SASTRA University.

Master.Soorya Swaminathan @ Surya is nephew of Sri.R.Subramanian and is the leading child actor of the Sangam today. He hails from an affluent family of Hoteliers in Thanjavur and is learning Bharathanatyam from his uncle. He is currently in middle school and is good in academics too.

Master.Aadarsh Venkat is grandson of Sri.R.Mali and has followed the footsteps of his grand father and uncle into the tradition. Aadarsh is donning the lead child roles right now and has got good appreciation for living up to the family potential. He is in middle school and holds a "Black Belt" in Karate and even teaches the martial art at this tender age.

Dr.Murali Rangarajan @ Murali is the chief Singer of Bhagavata Mela today. Murali, is an excellent academician and is an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur and did his Ph.D in University of Florida. He relocated to India to pursue his passion of Music and his love for Bhagavata Mela. He is currently Associate Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering, Amirtha University, Coimbatore. He is credited with the lyrics of Sangam's "Aandaal Thirukalyanam" play in Tamil and the editor of the soon to be released book by the Sangam. He is also authoring few text books in molecular chemistry that are widely followed in various universities in India.

Sri.B.Devnath @ Dev, a singer in Bhagavata Mela is a versatile artist hailing from a rich musical background. He is great grandson of Alathur Brothers, the music legends and Violin legend Papa Venkatrama Iyer and Kanjira Legend Nagarajan. With a musical background, Dev provides vocal support to Bhagavata Mela and also takes up few character roles as and when the need arises. Dev is an Engineering graduate and is currently aspiring to enter Civil Services.